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Predicting Jesus is a six-week Bible study of the prophecies that point to Jesus in the book of Isaiah. Each messianic prophecy in Isaiah is linked to its New Testament scripture, showing how what Isaiah spoke came true through Jesus. Predicting Jesus has four lessons each week that include thought-provoking questions for reflection, practical application to our modern lives, and discussion questions for small group leaders.

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Hi, I'm Kim.

Writer and Speaker

My work is dedicated to equipping you with an understanding of the promises God made to you as His daughter. My heart longs to inspire you to gain eternal perspectives.

Let me challenge you to live each day filled with the outrageous joy and peace that comes from a deep relationship with God.

From the Blog...

Stupid and Stubborn

June 28, 2024

I know stupid is not a nice word. In fact, it is a “bad” word in our house. But sometimes, the shoe fits and there’s no other word that correctly characterizes my actions. Refusing to do what God asked you to do is stupid, plain and simple. After we lost Austin (in 2008 folks!), as … Read more

It’s Personal!

June 28, 2023

You know when something just hits you deep in your gut — it’s personal. That drop in your stomach. Tears pop up without warning. You can’t believe it. What was just said really hit home in your heart. Sometimes it’s a bad thing. But, sometimes it’s a good thing. Either way — it’s personal. When’s … Read more

Game On!

October 31, 2022

I read something recently that said we are over-thinking things and creating problems where none exist. I paused and sipped my coffee, wondering how true this was of me and my life. My reflection was not pretty. I felt as though I was doing pretty good at work. I tend not to over-worry or over-think … Read more

Will You Join? Gotta Do It TODAY!

July 10, 2022