3 Ideas to Avoid the Mess that Hurry Makes

Is this how you feel most days?  Like you must run at super-human speed, racing through your day to get everything done that needs doing?  I sure do.  As soon as my eyes open, my brain starts trying to figure out how many things I can get done and in what order.

The other day, as I was rushing around trying to get breakfast made and lunch packed, I turned quickly to reach for a spoon to stir my protein shake and …WHACK, POOF, SPLASH, and CRASH!  In my hurry, I knocked over the glass, which still had the protein powder on top (poof! protein powder everywhere), then the milk came out next (splash…milk all over the counter, the dishwasher, the floor), and finally the glass came crashing down on the floor.  Thank goodness for small favors…the glass was plastic!

I made a huge mess because I was hurrying.  Apparently, I didn’t take in the wisdom of our Proverb for today’s Wednesday Wisdom post:

“He who hurries his footsteps errs.” ~Proverbs 19:2

I am always hurrying.  If I slow down long enough to ponder Proverb 19:2, I start to wonder how many errors have I made just because I was hurrying?  Goodness, it must be thousands upon thousands by now!  I wrote Proverb 19:2 on a bright pink post-it-note (after I cleaned up my huge mess in the kitchen) and took it to work with me.  I taped it to my computer.

That’s good.  Done.  Now I will remember not to hurry so much.  Ha!  If only it were that easy.  My post-it-note has been reminding me, but it hasn’t changed my behavior yet.  I think that’s because I didn’t take the time to consider exactly HOW to “slow my roll” as my husband like to say (often!).  So, what can we do as busy women to slow our pace, hold back the hurry, and avoid the mess that hurry makes?

I’ll get us started…

3 Ideas to Avoid the Mess that Hurry Makes:

  1. Before you go to bed, choose just 3 things that must get done the next day.  Only choose the top 3.  I think we make our lists too long!
  2. Keep a good calendar, or maybe multiple calendars, where you put your appointments, meetings, play-dates, small group meetings, baseball games, etc
  3. Get up 30 minutes earlier each morning.  So, here I go with a bit of transparency… as I type this I am running behind and hurrying again because I hit my snooze button this morning! UGH ~ WHY do I do that?  I know better and I can picture that protein shake all over my kitchen and I can hear Proverb 19:2 shouting in my head.  And yet, snoooooooze button.  Anyways, these are ideas to help.  Tomorrow, I will try again.  Will you join me?

Let’s Talk About It:

Do you hurry too much?

What can women do to “slow the roll?”

Help!!!  Give me more ideas!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you have so described me. I always rush, walk fast and can be very impatient. This is something I know I really have to work at. Pray for my ability to do this.


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