Meet Kim

Meet Kim

Rescued by God

I began following Christ after the death of my three-year-old son, Austin, from strep throat in 2008. God rescued me in that moment when Austin went to Heaven by allowing me to understand that heaven is a real place, more wonderful than we can imagine.

With my newly discovered belief in heaven, I began to search for what else was true about God. I gave my life to Jesus Christ in just days after Austin died. A dear friend gave me my first Bible following the funeral. A local Christian church, its pastor and his family, showed us the love of Christ. Although my faith journey began with death, Jesus brings me joy and wonder as I long to grow closer to God every single day.

Learner. Teacher. Believer.

My growing relationship with the Lord and my Bible saved me from the dark, relentless pit of losing a child. God’s promises overwhelmed me with His love. My developing focus on eternity where my family would be complete again restored my joy and peace. I want to share my experiences with you with the hope of helping you reach a deeper relationship with God. Gripping tightly to the hand of Jesus, a beautiful, joy-filled life truly is possible no matter what circumstances you face in this temporary world.

I am a wife to Devin and a mom to Ethan.

We love music and movies, living in Florida, and being at the beach. I love to read while my husband cooks! For many years, I was a professor of law and an academic counselor at a law school. I spent thirteen years as an attorney who practiced business litigation. Prior to law school, I earned my bachelor’s degree in elementary education.

My love for learning sends me searching in my Bible most mornings. My love for teaching compels my writing and speaking efforts.

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