Do You Know What Today Is? Bereaved Mother’s Day

Did you know that today is Bereaved Mother’s Day? It happens one week from Mother’s Day. If you know a mom who has lost a baby, child, teenager, adult, it matters not. Her heart is broken. Sending her something she can relate to, to let her know she’s not alone, and to help her go on living this life with healing and hope would be a blessing to her.

In Surviving Sorrow, she’ll find survival steps and spiritual steps in each chapter of her grief journey. There are practical ideas for how to go on living after such a tragic loss. You can read more about it and download the FREE excerpt (which you could send straight to the grieving mom you know) using the buttons below or on the website here. Mother’s Day will be tough for her, but we can help.

Order in time for Mother’s Day now on Amazon below. I’ll be praying for her!

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