Do You LOVE Books? Don’t Miss It!

Get ready . . . get set . . . it happens on Monday ONLY! Moody Publishers is hosting the annual Book Lover’s Day Sale on this Monday 8/9.

My prayer is that these books will greatly bless you (or someone you know) in your walk with God.

His Last Words is a study of the final teaching and prayer of Jesus just before He went to the cross. It is a verse-by-verse study of the Gospel of John, Chapters 13-17. His Last Words is a reflective study that grabs hold of your heart and won’t let go!

Surviving Sorrow: A Mother’s Guide to Living with Loss is not a book about grieving . . . it is a book about living. Surviving Sorrow is for those lost in the deep pit of grief who need practical help to dig out of the dark. It offers practical ideas to survive the loss of a child, as well as spiritual steps to turn towards God (instead of away from Him!) during this incredibly difficult journey.

If you want to learn more about either of these books, just go to the “Books” tab on my website!
Please use this link to make sure you get that 50% off:

Also, it’s not just my books that are on sale, but ALL books at Moody Publishers!! If you love books, Monday is your day!

Please share the love of a good SALE and post this on your social media ~ spread the love of Jesus with me!

Thanks, Kim

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