Funky Friday~Can the Bible Answer the Great Debate…Do Dogs or Cats Make the Best Pets?

Since our Wednesday Wisdom post addressed whether we would dare grab a dog by the ears, I became intrigued…what else does the Bible say about dogs?  So, I did a search (gotta love for references to dogs  in the Bible.  The word “dog” appears in the Bible 41 times.  You know what happened next… I wondered what does the Bible say about cats? Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Now before you dog lovers start getting all excited, hold tight for what the Bible says about dogs.  It says something more like this:

I couldn’t find anything like this:

There were more negative references about dogs than anything else.  If the verse wasn’t negative, it was simply neutral about dogs.  Check out some of these verses by doing your own search on  Just click on the link and put “dog” or “cat” in the search box.

I didn’t see any references to dogs that lead me to believe people kept them as pets or admired them in some way.  So, does the Bible answer the great debate?  If it does, the answer is… Neither!  The Bible doesn’t reference dogs or cats as pets.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t debate it here.  What do you think?  Which is the better pet ~ a dog or a cat?

Also, what do you think about the Bible not including any references to cats and only negative/neutral references to dogs? 

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