Kim Featured in Proverbs31 Devotion!

Hi Blog Family, I wanted to share this exciting news with you: Proverbs31 featured a devotion I wrote last week! You can still find it on their site here. The P31 devotion was about how God heals our souls when hard things happen. Proverbs31 also did a giveaway of my latest book, Surviving Sorrow: A Mother’s Guide to Living with Loss (which you can order here.)

I hope that you’ll click here to read the Proverbs31 devo, and then if you feel led to do so, please leave a comment for me on the P31 website. You can also find the devotional on Proverbs 31 social media (Facebook and Instagram) if you scroll down to May 14. I’d love to connect with you there as well.

If you’re feeling really spunky, please share the P31 devo on YOUR social media channels. That would be super amazing!

Would you please join me in prayer for the Lord to fill me with His eyes to see and ears to hear the hurting who need the healing message of the Proverbs 31 devotional and the Surviving Sorrow book? I’m going to need Him to give me wisdom, discernment, compassion, and gentleness to minister to these hurting ladies. I also need your intercession and prayer for protection.

Finally, I am praying for the grieving moms out there. So, if you are a grieving mama, or if you know a grieving mom, would you please leave a comment to this blog with your name (or her name) so that I can add you/her to my prayers?

I really appreciate your prayers and support ~ thank you so much!

Peace & love,




4 thoughts on “Kim Featured in Proverbs31 Devotion!”

  1. Hello,
    My older sister Joanne Erickson lost her only daughter, Erica, ti Ovarian Cancer, on October 6, 2017, she was only 34. Her birthday was May 14; she would’ve turned 37.
    Thank you for your prayers, inspiration, love and wisdom. Praying for you too. God bless you and keep you strong.
    In sweet faith,
    Agnes Mytych

  2. My daughter Charlotte died at 26 days old on March 15, 2020. This day was also our 6th wedding anniversary. I have read the introduction and first chapter of your book. I identify a lot with the things you have shared, particularly the stuffing and being strong. Many of your ideas for survival include other people. How does this look in the time of physical distancing (6ft apart.) My group of closest friends are either immunocompromised (lymes, disease, cancer survivor) or have immunocompromised children (Cystic Fibrosis, recent brain surgery recovery, or frequently sick children and the Dr. has no idea why) Yes, there are video calls, and phone calls and Marco Polo, but there is no physical contact! I can’t hug someone or cry on a woman’s shoulder. My church also shutdown and closed permanently December 29, 2019. My husband and I looked for a church in January. My baby was born in February and then she died in March, just days before everything Corona Virus related hit my state. Now it’s the middle of July and we are trying to find a church and my closest friends can’t have me or anyone in their house or near them physically becuase of the risk to their own families health. I feel so alone. I physically need someone and there is no one.

    • Oh Rebekah, my heart is breaking for you and your family! I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine going through the darkest part of losing a child while this whole pandemic is going on. The only response I can give is that God alone can help you now. He is the only answer. Yet, the smile on my face right now is because I KNOW that God, the One who created the heavens and the earth, who created you and your baby, is longing (not just standing ready), truly aching to show Himself to you in a way you never thought possible! Cry out to God and He will answer you. Lean into Him, and He’ll respond to you. It’s the only answer I have for you.

      Just this morning, I was readying Psalm 86 (a prayer of David) and was amazed at how personal David was with Almighty God. David wrote that God had helped him and comforted him. David was not afraid to say, out loud and in writing, that God Himself helped him and comforted him. David did not think or feel that God was far away, too powerful, aloof, or unconcerned with our human lives. I agree with David. God is intimately involved and caring for you, Rebekah – even if you don’t feel Him right now, even if you are so angry with Him right now – God remains steadfast in His love for you.

      I will be praying for you and begging God to show Himself in some tangible way to you this very day! Peace to you,


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