Surviving Sorrow ~ Now Available!

Do you know a grieving mom? It doesn’t matter if her child passed away last week, last year, or two decades ago. It doesn’t matter if her child died in her womb, as a toddler, a teenager, or a grown-up. She’s still a heartbroken mama.

Surviving Sorrow is officially released and ready to order. My prayer is to offer hurting and desperate moms some relief in the pain and loneliness they feel as they try to live this life without their child.Β  My goal is to give them some practical ideas for LIVING, not grieving.

How can you help? By getting the word out that this resource is available. Here are some ideas:

  • Save the image in this blog, then post it to your social media
  • Order 2 books and keep them in your car; give them away
  • If you’ve read the book, post a review
  • Give a copy of the book to your pastor, church leadership
  • Ask your local bookstore and library to put it on their shelves
  • Pray, pray, pray for grieving moms and my strength to minister to them

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Blessings and peace to all,



8 thoughts on “Surviving Sorrow ~ Now Available!”

  1. I just heard about the book on Moody Radio today . I have experience the loss of two stillborn children with my sisters in law and one grand. I want to encourage all the families to seek God no matter what in every circumstance of your life. There we will find the comfort and courage we need. I wish you all well!β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™

  2. I am reading your book now. My 18 year old daughter died in a car accident in January while traveling to a college visit. Thank you so much, this has been a much needed resource for me. God bless you in all your work!

    • oh Christine, I’m so sorry! You are in the midst of this tragedy. My heart really aches for you. I’ll be adding you to my list of prayers. Please feel free to keep in touch. Also, you should check out the Facebook group, Surviving Sorrow, where I am walking through the book with folks online. Just find the group and ask to be a member. Email is fine, too: May the Lord be near to you and lift you up when you feel crushed.

  3. Hey Kim I can’t wait to add this book to my collection! This book ventures to discuss a topic many of us avoid because it’s so painful. Although, I haven’t personally lost a child, this book will help me to love on those who have. I appreciate your heart for others as this had to be a difficult thing to walk through all over again. Praying for this book to bless hurting hearts.

  4. Hello Kim, I just heard you on a podcast with Dr. Gary Chapman. So much of you said is exactly how I feel. My 21 year old son passed from misdiagnosed brain cancer. He passed 30 days after entering the hospital. I was a believer before this happened, however my faith has been tested. Thank you for writing this book. I will be ordering it.


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