What’s Your Boo?

My boys both loved their blankets. Before Austin could talk, he would point to his blanket and say “boo.” As you can see in the picture, his blanket was blue and we were working on colors. “Boo” became the Erickson family nickname for those bedtime blankets.

Years ago, I had my own “boo.” I felt that if I was able to make enough money to be certain I could pay my bills without worrying every month – I was set. I needed nothing else.

But, I didn’t have God. I didn’t know Jesus. Yet, I felt so secure in my life. Then, God yanked that security blanket out of my hands when he took Austin to heaven.

Suddenly, I realized that the deepest desire of my heart was not about money or financial security. It was about the people in my life. I realized my deepest desire could only be filled by God.

Now that it has been several years since I began walking with God, I no longer worry about my life in terms of having enough money to pay my bills.

God showed me that HE was my security blanket. He alone would occupy first place in my heart.

He would not tolerate any other thing in my life being more important than the love of God. He showed me how important my relationships were in light of His love.

Instead of worrying about money, I now wonder if I am shining a light toward Jesus. I wonder if I am helping others find the wonder in His Word. My hope is to help others look deep into the heart of God and feel His love.

My Bible replaced my bank account. My search for what He was about replaced my striving to achieve by this world’s standards.

What’s your “boo?” Is there something in your life that you are wrapping around your heart like a security blanket?

Would you dare to set it aside? God loves you too much to let a false security take His place.

Send an email to me and let me help you find Scripture to replace your “boo.” Much love, ~Kim

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