Why Read Something That’s 2000 Years Old?!

Is your Bible as dusty as this one? Do you even own a Bible that you read? I didn’t. I never read the Bible until after Austin died. I never believed it was written for me. I never believed it could apply to my life or be useful to me.

When Austin died, I started searching for the truth about Heaven and God. I began reading my Bible with a skeptic’s heart. But, God didn’t care. He began to show me the truth contained in the Bible. God made those dusty, old verses come to life!

You could have knocked me over with a feather. I used to wonder why some people called the Bible the “Living Word of God.”  As soon as I started cracking open my Bible and asking God to show me what was true, the Bible changed for me.

As I read, something inside me would respond. My heart would be touched. My curious mind would be satisfied. An answer would jump out at me from those thin pages that crinkled as I turned them.

God met my skeptic’s heart each time I opened my Bible. He answered my cries for help by showing me His heart in those stories and verses. He healed my broken heart by whispering to me through those ancient, holy words.

My skepticism turned to awe. My doubts turned to certainty. My grief turned to joy.

Suddenly, I felt the need to tell people about this amazing book! As a teacher, I wondered, “how am I going to help people understand the power of Scripture?”

One day, the Lord moved me to tears as I read my Bible. I stopped and asked God, “how am I supposed to explain what happens when you read the Bible? Help me explain THIS without sounding crazy!”

I sat quietly for a moment. The desert was still all around me. The bright Arizona sun warmed my skin. And – God answered…

…To Be Continued… (don’t you hate that?!)

But, this is too long of a story for a single blog post! So, tune in for the rest of the story on Wednesday and I’ll share one of my most powerful moments with God and Scripture.

In the meantime, dust off that  Bible and try it for yourself. See what happens ~ and don’t forget to come back to this post and share how God met you in the pages of your Bible.

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