Another Reason to Change Your “Boss”

So often I find myself at my computer looking like this woman…coffee in hand, boredom on my face, and really doing nothing productive at all.  I’m not even sure how it happens.  Sometimes, I just find myself scrolling through worthless information or meaningless content.

What about you?  How much time do you waste scrolling through stuff on your phone or your computer?  (excluding this blog, of course!)

Our wisdom for today plainly tells us that we should avoid doing “worthless things:”

He who tills his land will have plenty of bread, but he who pursues worthless things lacks sense.” ~ Proverbs 12:11 

My last blog post gave 3 reasons to “Change Your Boss” and start living with the attitude that God is your boss.  Everything you do should be done as if the Lord were signing your paycheck.  I think Proverbs 12:11 goes right in line with such an attitude.

From the beginning, the Lord planned for us to work. (see Genesis 2:15: “Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.”) God never intended that we would be on this earth to sit around and enjoy the pleasures He provides.  We are supposed to tend to His Kingdom.

Yet, how many of us put off doing our work?  I know that I do.  I procrastinate, delay, avoid, and push aside work sometimes.  When I do, I usually turn to something “worthless” like TV, Facebook, a magazine, etc.

Once again, however, the Lord promises good things if we work like He is our boss.  If you “till” your “land,” you will have “plenty of bread.”  Proverbs 12:11 doesn’t just say that if you work, you’ll get to eat.  Rather, God promises that you’ll have “plenty.”

“Plenty” is defined as “having a large or sufficient quantity; more than enough.”  The next time I turn to mindless content on the web, I am going to remind myself that the pursuit of worthless things does not honor God’s promise to me that if I work for His Kingdom, He will give me more than enough.

Finally, even if your “work” is finished for the day, could you do some work for God’s Kingdom (text that friend and invite them to church, meet someone for coffee and begin to disciple them, write a prayer note to someone who needs it, etc) instead of turning to “worthless” things?

3 Ideas to Turn from Worthless Things and Work for God:

  1. Set a specific time to check Facebook or Twitter.  Choose 2 times a day when you’ll check your Facebook or Twitter instead of keeping your eye on it throughout the day.  Turn off the alerts that send a message every time someone Tweets or updates a status on Facebook.  If we think about it, 2 times a day is enough to check in on the fun things that get Tweeted or updated on Facebook.
  2. Put some cards or pretty stationary, and your address book with some stamps in it, on your coffee table or nightstand in place of your People magazine or Southern Living.  When you have a few minutes to sit and relax, bless a friend with a note.
  3. Put your TV “clickers” on top of a Bible.  If you didn’t spend time in God’s Word, then move that TV clicker aside and give God the next few minutes.  With the wonderful invention of DVR, you can pick up your favorite show after you spend time with God!

What are your ideas to avoid wasting time on “worthless things?”  Let’s share some great ideas!

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