Ding Dong ~ Mom, Jesus is Here

This is what got me out of bed this morning… Well, Jesus didn’t actually ring my doorbell, but this was the scene that popped into my head after I hit the snooze button (tempted to skip my prayer/Bible time).

Would I roll over and ignore Him if Jesus really did ring my doorbell in the morning?

Ding, Dong ~ Mom, it’s Jesus…

Tell Him to come back later… Tell Him not today… Tell Him I’m too tired to talk today…

Or, would it be something more like this:

Ding, Dong ~ Mom, it’s Jesus…

(picture me springing out of bed and tucking my robe around) Oh thank goodness! I have no idea what to do at work and I really need to ask Him… I can’t believe He keeps showing up every morning, just for me… Tell Him I’ll be right down…

On one hand, I think we need begin our prayer time by remembering to whom we pray ~ the Almighty God. I try to approach Him by visualizing Him sitting on the throne in all His glory.

On the other hand, I think we can feel like Almighty God is so far, far away in that throne room. Somehow, when my alarm rings in the morning, a little bit more sleep seems more important than Jesus!

This morning, the Lord got me out of bed by reminding me that He stands at the door, every single morning, waiting for me to open it. Perhaps it’s not that God feels so far away, but that other things seem more “right now” than a God we cannot physically touch or see.

For that reason, I think we need to visualize morning prayer and Bible time in a more “right now” kind of way ~ like Jesus really awaits us in our kitchen, waiting for a cup of coffee. He’d like to start His day with us.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me. ~ Revelation 3:20

If I think of my morning time as a chance to sit down at my kitchen table with the Lord, I can’t wait to get out of bed!

Here are 3 things I have learned about getting together with God:

  1. I need to be in a solitary place. If anyone else is around, or I can hear my family, thoughts of my “things to do” list take over.
  2. I need to set aside time in the morning, before I do anything else. If I start doing other things first, I have to admit that the Lord’s time gets pushed aside (boy that hurts my heart to admit and write here for everyone to see!)
  3. Sometimes I need to start with my Bible, and then go into prayer time. There are times when I dive right into prayer/talking to God, but sometimes the tasks for the day “shout” above my prayers. When that happens, I have to intentionally “quiet” the things of this world by asking God to set my mind on Him through His Word.

How do you make sure you get time with the Lord?


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  1. I was so completely moved by the Kendrick brother’s, “The War Room” and as I prepare for this next phase of my journey (graduate school) I decided to take over my daughter’s walk-in closet & create my own War Room for prayer. Once I get into law school, I know I am gonna NEED it!!! Whenever we try to further our path to give God the glory (I had a vision over 20 years ago where God told me to go to law school bc that was His purpose for me to help abused & neglected children & keep God in the Courtroom as much as possible)….satan hates THAT plan so I know I will be under fire and I must prepare for the war!

    • That is so true, Tricia Lynn! I know that you will fulfill your God-calling and I know that the Lord is going to keep using you in amazing ways. But you are right that the enemy hates when we labor for the Kingdom, so keep up your prayer time. I pray that you won’t let the busyness of law school scrunch out your Jesus time! Blessings to you, ~Kim


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