Birthday in Quarantine!

Spending your birthday in quarantine is different, but not without bonus features! Here are 10 things the Erickson’s are doing during this quarantine time and in celebration of my 50th (cannot believe it) birthday:

  1. I got to do the shopping so that I could get exactly what I wanted to have for my birthday!
  2. Lots of movies and wrestling
  3. Doing radio and podcast interviews about losing Austin and Surviving Sorrow
  4. Painting my toenails; Ethan suggested the two colors, but he wanted me to do every other toe; He thinks painting just the one toe makes the poor little piggy feel like the “odd man out!”
  5. Moody Publishers put ALL books on sale with 40% off = awesome birthday presents
  6. My birthday dinner was a perfectly grilled steak (a filet of course!), loaded baked potato, steamed asparagus, a nice glass of red wine, and a family dinner at the table
  7. A surprise present from my high school girlfriends, a gorgeous pillow with “Erickson” on it = so perfect in my prayer chair
  8. Ethan is entertaining himself quite well (look mom, I’m superman!) and scaring me a bit sometimes (he’s on the stairs!)
  9. Lots of time reading my Bible and praying; loving this extra time with God
  10. Keeping focus on NOT letting this virus, quarantine, fear, or anxiety steal the joy that is ours in Christ Jesus; patiently waiting to see all that Almighty God will do through this crisis

What are you folks doing during this quarantine? Add your pictures to the comments and let’s have some fun.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Please know that I am praying for you, your families, our first-responders, medical personnel, and our government leaders.

Stay safe y’all and let’s try to show the world why following Jesus is the answer!


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2 thoughts on “Birthday in Quarantine!”

  1. Hi Friend,
    Loved getting an “inside” look to your birthday and family!
    We have celebrated all weekend with games, good meals and movies.
    Eddie has been cooking up a storm and trying out new dishes! Sooo yummy!
    I have also been loving my times in His Word. I am studying Daniel, verse by verse! Soooo good! I will not stop until I finish the entire book.
    I am giving myself Friday nights, only, to binge on Netflix or AmazonPrime. 😉 I have felt very convicted to use this time to study His holy food. My soul has needed it.
    Love you!!

    • YEEEEESSS! Cary ~ I couldn’t agree more! God is using this time to call to His people back to His Word, prayer, and intimacy with Him. C’mon church! I can’t wait to see all that God does through this crisis. We’re watching, Lord. We’re expecting, Lord. Amen!


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