I’ll See It When I Know It…Wait, huh??

We were driving to soccer practice, talking about something, when my son said, “you know, I’ll see it when I know it.” It took me a second to realize he said it backwards! Usually, we hear “I’ll know it when I see it.”

As we laughed about his mix-up, I realized what he said is so true about God!

If you know Him, you see God everywhere. All. The. Time.

I remembered the days before I truly believed in God and Jesus. I wondered if He really existed … sometimes. Most often, I didn’t think about Him at all (ouch!). I went about my life thinking of interesting connections as coincidences. I’d experience something unique and think that I was lucky.

Before I knew God, I couldn’t see that He was involved in every detail of my life and held all life on this earth as precious. I was blinded by “common sense,” culture, and my own pride. I valued doing what I wanted, when I wanted. “Live and let live” was my philosophy.

Then, God got my attention (you can read my story in this Proverbs 31 devotional or on my website).

As I began to learn about God, and then learned to develop a relationship with Him (yes, you can too!), the world and everything in it began to look different. I began to feel different, act different, talk different.

I began to see so much more beauty, love, and compassion. My life was literally covered in the fingerprints of God. I wondered how I missed seeing them – seeing HIM – for 38 years!

God was hidden to me until I knew Him. Once I knew Him, I could see Him.

So, what my son said IS true: You’ll see it (God) when you know it (Him)!

If you want to learn more about this relationship with God, how to see God right here on earth, leave a comment below and I’d love to tell you more!

For those of you who do know God, how often do you see Him in your day-to-day comings and goings? Tell me your favorite “God-sighting.”

If you haven’t seen Him lately, it’s time to take a day off. Get away with God. Turn off your devices and head outside. Solitude and quiet are invitations for the Lord to show Himself to you. Just tell Him, “Lord, I want to know more about You. I want to see more of You.”

And just watch what happens… you’ll see it when you know it!

Much love,

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