Praying Sheep?

“The best way to keep the enemy out is to keep Christ in.  The sheep need not be terrified by the wolf; they have but to keep close to the shepherd.  It is not the praying sheep Satan fears, but the presence of the shepherd.”  ~A.W. Tozer

It is not the praying sheep that Satan fears.  If all I do is pray for my own needs, for the needs of others, and against the schemes of the enemy, I am missing the mark.  My prayer time must first and always be about Christ.  My prayer time must be about sitting at the feet of the Almighty.

Inviting the presence of God into your life, your marriage, your home, your work, etc. is the most important step to…everything.  The presence of God ~ what a massive and powerful thing to seek!

It wasn’t long ago that I thought such a thing impossible on earth.  Or, perhaps it would be more truthful to say I thought the presence of the Lord was somehow improper for someone like me to seek for myself.

Now, I know that seeking the presence of God every morning is the single most important thing that I do.  Now, I know that the Almighty offers His presence and help to me at all times:

“Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him for the help of His presence.” ~ Psalm 42:5

The presence of God is a massive and powerful thing to seek, but His Word tells us that it is something He longs to give us!

If you scroll to the top of this page and click on the “Helpful Links & Tips” tab, you’ll find some ways to help make sure your prayer time keeps Christ at the center and the Shepherd in your presence.

How do you keep Christ at the center of your prayer time?

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