Loud and Proud!

This morning, I decided to be more vocal, more open about something . . . there is something I’ve been keeping a bit to myself lately that I feel compelled to share with you.

I was reading Psalm 86, a prayer of David, this morning. Near the end, David wrote that God helped him and comforted him. Right there in black and white, for all the world to read, David declared boldly that God Himself had essentially lended him a hand and gave him a hug. David was unafraid to declare how personal and intimate he was with God. David was not hesitant to claim God Almighty paid attention to him, spoke to him, touched his daily life.

I felt a tug in my heart and a pause in my mind . . . what if David had kept the true nature of this relationship to himself? What if David treasured it and nurtured it, but never wrote about it so directly?

What if David watered-down what he experienced with God so that others wouldn’t feel uncomfortable about their relationship with God?

Oh what a different Bible and picture of God we would have! How distorted would our view of God be if we didn’t have David’s blatant honesty before God and about God?  I quickly decided that it would be horrible if David never wrote about it . . . then came that tug inside my soul again.

“But, Lord,” I began to argue, “what would people think if I wrote what truly goes on between You and me?”

“Wouldn’t it sound arrogant of me to tell people that I truly believe I sit and talk with You every day, that God Himself spends time visiting with me each morning?! I mean, who do I think I am that the God of the Universe would talk with me, guide me, delight me . . .”

“Or help you and comfort you,” another “voice” said, “just like David.” I laughed out loud. Seriously, this is how it goes when it’s me and God. I talk, read, listen, pray. He speaks, guides, directs, comforts.

I’m not hearing voices or making this up to sound important. I don’t think I’m special to God. I’m just one of His children. Just like you.

Often, when I talk with others, I water-down my experiences with God so that people don’t think I’m crazy or arrogant. I don’t want people to think I’m “showing off.”

I want to draw people into God and not repel them away. I think folks are a bit more comfortable with God when they think He is far away from them.

But, maybe if people were more willing to tell others how personal God really is, there wouldn’t be so many people lost and hurting. What good is a God who sits aloof, far away, when the world is hurting so much?

Beginning with this blog, I will tell people that I hear the voice of God. Often. I will tell people that I feel His very presence with me. Every time I really need it. I also need to tell people that I shout at Him sometimes . . . and He lets me!

Do you have a David-kind of relationship with God?

If not, do you want one?

Let’s talk about it!


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