The Grieving: How Can You Help?

Many people have asked me, “how can I help someone who is grieving?” Others have asked me, “how can the church minister to grieving moms?” I had the chance to share my “Top 10” ways Christians can help grieving people turn towards God (and not away). You can read the article in Pastor Resources ( or click here to go directly to the “Top 10” tips.

As churches begin to gather again, and as Mother’s Day (and soon Father’s Day) approaches, I hope you’ll keep these tips in mind and keep your eyes and ears open for the grieving. My prayer is that the tips in the Pastor Resources article will help you see how you can help someone in grief.

Also, don’t forget there are FREE resources on my website for the grieving. For your convenience, click here to purchase Surviving Sorrow for Mother’s Day.

I’ll be praying for you and for the grieving, for the Lord to make divine connections, and for Almighty God to show Himself worthy of our worship and praise.

May God bless you and yours,


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